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NI Human Rights Commission expresses concern over the government’s handling of On The Run cases

27 Feb 2014

The Interim Chair of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’ John Corey’ today expressed grave concern over the developments relating to the Hyde Park bombing case. The Commission repeated its call for all measures to address Northern Ireland’s past to be based on human rights laws and standards and put victims and survivors at the centre.
The Commission confirmed that it intends to provide an urgent briefing to the Government and the NI Executive on the human rights issues involved.
Mr Corey stated:
“While recognising the government can take measures to deal with ‘On The Run’ (OTRs) cases’ both international and domestic law place obligations on the government at Westminster and the Assembly that are clear; the right to life includes a requirement that the investigation be capable of punishing or identifying those responsible.
Regrettably the reports on how the UK Government has handled this matter will have caused many families deep concern about their right to due process before the law in an accountable and transparent manner. More widely there will be concern about whether there is equality before the law of those who have been charged with offences relating to the conflict (and who still may be charged) and those who appear to have been granted immunity.
This development reinforces once again the need for an overall and overarching mechanism for dealing with Northern Ireland’s past.”


Further information:
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Notes to editors
1. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory body first proposed in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement (1998) and established in 1999 by the Northern Ireland Act (1998). It is answerable to Parliament at Westminster.